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 St.Paul Trail
St. Paul enabled the spread of Christianity to western Europe. Jesus' message, aimed at amending the Jewish religion, was preached exclusively to the Jews of Judea and Jerusalem. But Paul took this message to both the Jewish diaspora and also to the worshippers of the traditional gods of the Greeks or Roman Empire, or of other cults. In the process he changed the religion of Christianity, partly by adding many instructions about forms of worship. Paul had no standard text, he also had never met Jesus personally. Thus he was able to interpret Jesus' message quite freely. If St. Paul had not preached, Christianity would probably have died out when the Jewish rebellion of 66 AD was crushed and Jerusalem burned. Thus Paul was both a product of his time and a major influence on our time.

General Information
The Saint Paul Trail is a long-distance footpath in Turkey, approximately 500 kilometers long. The trail goes from Perge, 10 kilometers east of Antalya, to Yalvac, Isparta, northeast of Lake Egirdir. A second branch starts at Aspendos, 40 kilometers east of Antalya, and joins the main route at the ancient Roman site of Adada.
The name of the trail derives from the fact that a part of it follows the route of Saint Paul the Apostle on his first missionary journey to Anatolia. It starts at sea level and climbs to 2200 meters in elevation. It is marked along the way with red and white stripes to Grande Randonnee standards. After the Lycian Way, the Saint Paul Trail is Turkey's second long-distance trail. For those interested in a real backcountry experience, the St. Paul Trail in Turkey is the ideal adventure hike. Deep canyons, thick forests, historic sites, ancient villages, and wildlife provide the backdrop for this 500-kilometer hike through the Taurus Mountains, journey that roughly follows the travels of St. Paul. Feel lost in time as you explore ancient ruins, traverse rocky scrubland and the remnants of Roman roads.
You will visit St. Paul`s church, enjoy stunning panoramas of Lake Egirdir and the surrounding mountains and picnic amongst beautiful, vast flora and fauna. Climb over jagged rocks to viewpoints overlooking hot, dry canyons, as you follow in the footsteps of the famous historical figure.
Your experienced guide will be on hand the whole way to ensure you stay safe and get the very most from this magical and unforgettable experience. From the moment you arrive at Antalya Airport, for the duration of your trek, all your requirements will be met on this once in a lifetime experience.